Swimmer Instructors

About This Course

Aqua Kids and Lifesaving Society have a long history of developing well trained professional instructors who love swimming as much as they love to help others learn.

The Lifesaving Society Swimmer Instructor Course prepares candidates to instruct the Life Saving Society learn to swim programs.

Level Progression

Prerequisite: 15 + years of age, strokes at a level Red Cross level 10 standard or a Lifesaving Society level 6 standard and completed Lifesaving Society Bronze Cross or higher. Course Materials: -Lifesaving Society Instructor Pack -Fox 40 Whistle Certification: Upon successful completion, candidates are certified for 2 years as a Lifesaving Swimmer Instructor which allows teaching the Lifesaving  Learn to Swim programs without direct supervision.   *Dates subject to change based on enrollment.

Level Progression

PART 1: Assessment/Online/ In-Water Teaching

Part 1 of WSI is divided into 3 components:

1) Strokes & Skills Orientation (3-6 hrs, 1-day session)

Participants who come for the Skills & Orientation Assessment day must bring their Bronze Cross certificate + valid id. The trainer will screen participants’ strokes to ensure they are at Red Cross Swim level 10 standards. Orientation & Skills Assessment may be completed before or after the Online portion of the WSI Course, but both must be completed before moving on to the In-Water Teaching component.

Upcoming Date/Time/Location (Strokes & Skills): TBA

2) Online (14-20 hrs)

Participants read assigned information and get tested on each section online. Once all the tests are complete and passed, they will see a “completion” page, which needs to be printed and brought to the In-Water Teaching Component and 3-Day Course. To schedule the In-Water Teaching Component of WSI Part 1, please call us at (905) 886-2322 or click here to send us an inquiry message.3) In-Water Teaching (8 hrs in-water teaching + assignments correlating to each hour)

The last component of WSI Part 1 includes teaching experience. Candidates must complete the first two components (Orientation & Skills Assessment and the Online Course Component) before being able to do the In-Water Teaching Component.

Participants must finish a total of 8 hours of teaching Red Cross Swim Preschool and Red Cross Swim Kids classes within 6 months of completing WSI—Online. Teaching experience can be obtained at Aqua Kids or anywhere else where Red Cross Swim is offered. Contact us to book your In-Water Teaching dates/times or for more information.

After successful completion of Part 1, candidates move on to complete Part 2 in order receive their Water Safety Instructor certification.

Date/Time: TBA; Course Fee: $385.00 (includes course material)

PART 2: Classroom & Pool Course (25 hrs)

The WSI Classroom & Pool is a 3-day course divided into 9 hours of in-class learning and 12 hours of in-pool learning.

Prerequisites: 15+ years by the last day of WSI – Classroom & Pool, ability to perform Red Cross Swim Kids 10 strokes and skills and hold one of the following certifications (not required to be current): Red Cross Assistant Lifeguard or Lifesaving Society Bronze Cross. 8 hours completed assisting classes (WSI Part 1).

Date: TBA; Course Fee: $485.00


To ensure all Red Cross Water Safety Instructors are continuously up-to-date with current practices and procedures, WSI instructors are required to upkeep their certification through a one-day recertification course every two years. Online Professional Development Modules should be completed prior to your first recertification course.

Prerequisites: Proof of an expired Red Cross WSI certification.

Course Fee: $175.00

Certification: Upon successful completion, candidates are re-certified for 2 years as a WSI, and are allowed to teach Red Cross Swim programs without direct supervision.

Date: TBA


The purpose of this course is to provide a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor equivalency course option for experienced swimming instructor certification holders from the LifeSaving Society, Toronto Ultra Swim Program, Sears I Can Swim, or the YMCA program. Candidates upgrade their teaching skills and knowledge, and are evaluated to ensure they are qualified to teach and test swimmers in the Red Cross Swim programs.

Prerequisites: 17+ years, proof of one of the following current certifications: Lifesaving Instructor, Lifesaving Swim Instructor, YMCA Instructor, Sears I Can Swim Teacher or Toronto Ultra Swim Instructor.

Course Fee: $485.00

Course Material: Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Workbook, Red Cross Water Safety Deck Book

Date: TBA