Private, Semi-Private & Mobile
Swimming Lessons

Private Swimming Lessons

Private swimming lessons are one-on-one classes available on any day that’s convenient for you. Whether you need to learn to swim, improve your stroke or get additional help in preparing for leadership courses, we offer custom-designed courses especially for your specific needs. Individualized attention helps to improve or master swim skills. You set the agenda by working with your instructor to determine goals. Curriculum is customized to meet these goals. Class duration is 45 minutes.

Who can benefit from private lessons?

Stuck on a particular swim skill? Private lessons, in addition to regular lessons, can help overcome the hurdle.

Competitive swimmers that needs to focus on a particular stroke or skill to enhance performance can greatly benefit from private swimming lessons. As well as those with specific needs that can be better addressed through private lessons, for example: beginner swimmers who are older, children who need to pass a swim test or children who are fearful of the water.

Swimmers who wish to become more proficient and safe in the water or athletes looking to enhance a specific swim skill or stroke in training for an event, such as a triathalon often see greater improvement when they in a one-on-one environment. 

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Semi-Private Swimming Lessons

Semi-Private lessons have a 2:1 student to instructor ratio. Great for families or friends that want to take lessons together at a convenient time and location, or let us set you up with another swimmer with similar goals as you!

Semi-Private swim lessons are a great option for swimmers looking to catch up or get ahead. Class duration is 45 minutes. Register below:

Winter 2023

Spring 2023

Mobile Swimming Lessons in Toronto & GTA

If you have a pool available to you in your home or condo, we offer mobile swim lessons for your convenience! Any number of lessons are available to purchase. Lesson duration must be at least 60 minutes. Contact us with your enquiries about mobile swimming lessons.